April 2020




The Department of Industrial Education was originally founded under the banner of the then Taiwan Provincial Normal College (now the National Taiwan Normal University) in 1954, and aided by the United States Agency for International Development. This Department is the first official educational institute established to cultivate teachers for vocational schools and handicraft industry.

The master’s program was started in August of 1976. Later in August of 1992, the doctoral program was also offered. This was the first doctoral program in the industrial education system in Taiwan. This establishment is an important milestone not only for this Department, but also for the development of technical education in Taiwan.

In order to nurture technical-education teachers and promote academic and professional development, several majors or specialized areas were expanded or upgraded. The former Engineering Technology major had become an independent Industrial Arts Education Department in 1982; the former Graphic Communications & Printing Technology Branch was upgraded to Graphic Communications & Printing Technology Department in 1996; Four specialized fields, machinery, casting, drawing, and sheet metal technology under the Mechanical Branch were merged and then split out to form a Mechatronic Technology Research Institute in 2002, later it was expanded into the Mechatronic Technology Department in 2004. Likewise, the Electrical and Mechanical Technology major was expanded into the Applied Electronics Technology Research Institute in 2004. Then the institute became Department of Applied Electronics Technology in 2007.

The undergraduate program specializes in cultivating technical staff and future teachers in the criteria of Power Mechanical Engineering ground and Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering Group. The master’s program aims to cultivate professional personnel in the area of Energy Applications, Mechanical Applications, Technical Vocational Education, and Technology Management. The doctoral program aims to cultivate professional personnel in the fields of Administrative Management for Technical Vocational Education and Course Teaching. The In-Service Master’s program aims to provide further education and cultivate professional personnel in the area of Administrative Management for Technical Vocational Education and Technology Management.

At present, there are one class in each grade of the undergraduate program, one class per each area in the master's program, one class in the doctoral program, and two classes in the in-service master’s program. The number of students in total is about 600.
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